Saga: Volume 1


Saga: Volume 1

Author: Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples (artist)

Publisher: Image Comics, 2012 (Paperback)

Rating: 5owls


I know I’m new to the world of comics, but this one was fantastic! Sharp characters, great writing, awesome illustrations, it’s the total package for me. The world of Saga is being created beautifully and I already put the next volume on hold at my local library. Can’t wait to keep reading!

Memorable Quotes:

“Violence is stupid. Even as a last resort, it only ever begets more of the same.”

“Doesn’t matter if it’s personal or professional, a good partnership takes work.”

“If there’s an opposite of a honeymoon, it’s the week after a couple’s first child is born.”

“Trust me, this whole freakout is probably just hormonal. You only gave birth, what, a week ago? Your body’s still, like, a wasteland of chemical imbalance.”


Ms. Marvel: No Normal


Ms. Marvel: No Normal

Author: G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona (artist)

Publisher: Marvel, 2014 (Paperback, 120 pages)

Rating: 4owls

Memorable Quotes:

“You thought that if you disobeyed your parents—your culture, your religion—your classmates would accept you. What happened instead?”

“What if I don’t fit into my old life anymore? Like it’s a pair of pants I’ve just outgrown? Would I still be Kamala?”

“That’s why we gave you your name. You don’t have to be someone else to impress anybody. You are perfect just the way you are.”

“I tell myself I can do this. I tell myself I’m exactly where I was meant to be. It’s like that Persian guy Rumi said. ‘Wherever you are…was circled on a map for you.’”