Movie adaptation: The Martian

I’ve managed to see The Martian twice in theaters already. Last Tuesday, I had free passes to an advanced screening in 3D, and today my book club watched the movie together in 2D. Having read the book less than two weeks ago, the details are very fresh on my mind. In fact, my boyfriend and I were so excited about the book and movie that we watched a 47-minute YouTube video in which Andy Weir described the writing process for the book, getting published, selling the movie rights to 20th Century Fox, and the making of the movie. It was fascinating to learn about all those process. Also, it was great to learn that Andy Weir’s sense of humor is reflected so well in Mark Watney’s smartass comments throughout the book.

As for the movie, I very much enjoyed watching it both times. It had a great cast and much of it stayed true to the book. There were certain details that were left out or changed for the film, but that is to be expected with movie adaptations. I noticed different changes and omissions each time I watched it, but nothing took so much away from the essence of the book that I couldn’t enjoy the movie. Overall, I definitely recommend the movie, and I of course recommend the book. Have you read The Martian and/or watched the movie? Let me know what you thought of either in the comments below!