2016 reading goals.

This year I was much more deliberate about the books I chose to read. This was in part because I started reading more this year and had the opportunity to explore different writers, genres, and styles. I was also participating in Book Riot’s 2015 Read Harder Challenge. I would like to continue this next year. However, I have a few reading goals for next year that I would like to work on in addition to the reading challenge:

  • 50% of books read should be owned by me
  • Must read five books before I can buy a new book (“Five to buy” strategy from Read Susie Read)
  • Read at least one book written in Spanish
  • Read at least two books by Latino writers

The first and second goals have to do with the fact that I’ve purchased so many books these past few years, and have read a very small portion of them. Most of the books I read this year were checked out from my local public library. I live in a small apartment and have only one bookcase, so I need to be more strategic about my book-buying habits. That is why these goals focus on tackling the books that I already own. I purchased them because they are books I interested in reading, so I might as well get to it!

I’ve only ever read one book written in Spanish and it was for a high school Spanish class. I really enjoyed the experience and would like to read more books written in Spanish. I also don’t speak Spanish on a daily basis as I should, and so I believe reading in Spanish would help strengthen my vocabulary. I also believe it is important to make sure I am reading books by Latino/Hispanic writers in order to explore writing from people with backgrounds similar to my own or that of my parents.

Apart from these four goals, I will also participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge as I do every year, and will participate in Book Riot’s 2016 Read Harder Challenge. I try not to become obsessed with these challenges and goals, but I find them to be a fun way to strengthen myself as a reader. Have you set any goals for yourself or do you plan to participate in any reading challenges next year? Let me know in the comments below!


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